Maintenance status: this service is being maintained, but only if you let me know about issues. I do not actively monitor it myself. There have been extended outages because nobody told me anything was broken and I only noticed by coincidence. (Contact info)


…to, the place where you can get a really cool HTTP URL.

Purpose offers a free HTTP redirection service. To get your own redirect, please read the instructions below.

The Catch?

There isn’t any. Specifically, you don’t have to pay anything, no ads will be displayed during the redirection, nor will any other evil things happen (except for server outages which I’m afraid I’m not immune against).

Why do I offer this service then, you ask? Someone on #ruby-lang on Freenode came up with the idea for this domain name and I went ahead and registered it. Using it all for myself isn’t all that exciting, though, so I set up this redirection service. I’m sure you won’t complain.

Terms of Service

You may use this service only if all of the following applies:

This service will cease to exist if any of you repeatedly ignore those rules.

Apart from that, I certainly wouldn’t reject if you placed a link to on your website to help spread the word. ;)

Available names

Currently, subdomains using the following forms are supported:

If you have alternative suggestions, please contact me.


If you have questions or suggestions regarding this website, please see my contact page.


Register, change or remove a subdomain

Let’s see. You tell it your e-mail address, the desired domain name, the target URL for the redirection… and that’s it. You’ll then receive an e-mail that contains an URL. If you visit that URL, your subdomain will become active.

You can use the request path of the URL the user entered within your target URL, using the “%s” placeholder. For example, if you specify as the target URL for, anyone who requests will be forwarded to


To change your subdomain’s target URL, just specify the new target and your old domain and e-mail address; you will be sent another e-mail that contains yet another URL you can visit.

Got any suggestions for additional exciting features I could hack into Let me know this instant! I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Privacy policy

All e-mail addresses entered here are neither published nor given out to anyone. They’re not used for sending brain-dead mass e-mails, either.

How popular is it?

We have statistics about the usage of Statistics are broken. Sorry.